• Graupner V-Venture

The V-VENTURE is a first-class entry-level model which impresses with its excellent flight characteristics. This model has 2 ailerons servos, elevator and throttle and is very stable for beginners, but is also great fun for the more advanced pilots.

The powerful pusher propulsion system is highly effective; the air stream generated by the propeller flows freely over the V-tail and transports the model eagerly and rapidly into the air. As the position of the motor is optimised, there is no need for control corrections after shutting down, giving harmonious transition from powered to glider flight. Together with the recommended Li-Po battery (O-7633/2BEC), the highly effective drive achieves an uninterrupted motor running time of about 20 minutes. Such a motor running time represents an extremely long period for this category of model. Therefore, the V-VENTURE is able to reach flying times of approx. 90 minutes without thermal lift. Its high aerodynamic quality lends the V-VENTURE above-average gliding characteristics. The finished model made of Graupner SOLIDPOR® hard foam, separable air foil with CFRP strut. Finished fuselage with installed V-tail and removable cockpit canopy.

COMPACT 260Z motor set 7.4 V including BRUSHLESS CONTROL 18 and SLOWFLY PROP 16 x 8 cm installed ready for operation. 2 x aileron servos DES 261 BB (P-7903), 1 x elevator servo DES 281 BB MG (P-7905), decals applied/painted. Detailed operating manual containing extensive tips for initial flights.


Required for operation

  • Radio equipment (Tx and Rx only) (e.g. P-1001 or P-1002)
  • 7.4V 2S Li-Po battery 2500mAh
  • Li-Po charger


Key Features

  • Super flight performance
  • Attractive HoTT design
  • Optimal aerodynamics
  • Aerobatic capability
  • Weight-optimised design
  • GR-12L RTF receiver software available as a free download
  • Ailerons standard
  • Ailerons can be used for speed brake function
  • >Highly effective pressure screw propulsion
  • No glue required
  • Replacement parts available individually
  • Practical packaging box
  • Wingspan approx. 1350 mm
  • Overall length, approx. 860 mm
  • All-up weight, approx. 550 g
  • Total surface area, approx. 26,7 dm²
  • Tailplane area 5,0 dm²
  • Wing area 21,7 dm²
  • Tailplane section NACA 009
  • Wing section HQ 3,0/12
  • Wing loading 20,6 g/dm²


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Graupner V-Venture

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